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Candidates Flood Personhood FL ProLife PAC Office with Personhood Affirmations

Candidates Send Personhood Affirmations and Petitions

Personhood Affirmation

Personhood FL ProLife PAC recently contacted all candidates for state and federal office in Florida as well as all candidates for local offices in 36 of Florida’s largest counties. Rather than asking them where they stand on the sanctity of human life, we asked them to agree to our comprehensive prolife principles covering not only abortion but also abortion funding, RU-486, fetal stem cell research, human cloning, fetal tissue research, assisted suicide and euthanasia. We also required that candidates sign a Personhood Affirmation to defend all innocent human life including preborn babies conceived in rape or incest, the elderly, and the disabled and sign the Florida ProLife Personhood Amendment Petition. (Read Personhood FL ProLife PAC’s ProLife Principles and Personhood Affirmation here.) We’ll release our list of endorsed candidates Tuesday, July 31 and expect to endorse over 100 candidates including current congressman and former congressmen running for US Senate. Until then, I thought you’d like to hear how our endorsement process has been received.

Vote ProLife

Vote ProLife

The response has been amazing. Candidates have flooded Personhood FL ProLife PAC’s office with Personhood Affirmations and Petitions. We’ve received Personhood Affirmations from politicians running for Soil and Water Conservation District to US Senate and for every office in between. One FL House member is so committed to life that she drove two hours each way to hand deliver her Personhood Affirmation and Petition on time.

During this endorsement process we have challenged candidates to take a 100% prolife position, and the feedback has been encouraging. The following is a sample of the feedback we’ve received:

“I received an e-mail today. I will be returning page 19 for the Candidate Affirmation.  I hate to admit how ignorant I was, but I want to thank you so much for all of the information contained in the e-mail. I just think it’s wonderful to have lots of education to open the eyes of people like myself that just did not have all of the facts. Thank you so much, and God bless you for your fine work.” Candidate for School Board.

“I just wanted to add a personal note with the signed material. I was raised in the Christian Church and also attended and followed many of the Catholic Church traditions, but learned much more from your information. Many people do not consider the suicide issue along with all the other issues, and I applaud you for this. Thank you again for all you are doing.” Candidate for County Commission.

“I like the information you are providing. Many Republicans want to find a way for their pro-life message to be more “palatable” and end up not standing up for their principles. I really feel if we will have courage on this issue, it will resonate with the hearts of people and we can save more and more lives as time goes on. I am unashamed to support our very first right-Life. Thanks again for what you do.” Candidate for FL House.

Watch your e-mail for our endorsement list tomorrow.

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