Aug 23

Bryan Longworth

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Personhood FL ProLife PAC Injects Life Into Campaigns Across Florida

Circuit Court Judicial Candidate Peggy Rowe-Linn

Peggy Rowe-Linn

Personhood FL ProLife PAC is injecting life into political races all across Florida. From congressional races, to state races. to judicial races, to local races candidates and voters are talking about life.

You’ve probably heard that Personhood FL ProLife PAC has now endorsed 80 candidates running for local, state, judicial, and federal office. (View the list of endorsed candidates here.) Personhood FL ProLife PAC is promoting endorsed candidates through press releases, our website, our facebook and Twitter accounts, and through robocalls to an exclusive list of pro-life/pro-family voters.

Of the candidates endorsed, Personhood FL ProLife PAC endorsed one candidate for Circuit Court Judge, Peggy Rowe-Linn. Rowe-Linn was the only judicial candidate in the state to sign the Personhood Affirmation and Petition. Our endorsement of Rowe-Linn has produced a firestorm with the news media has raised issues on whether Rowe-Linn can be impartial in a case dealing with abortion but has given a free pass to one of Rowe-Linn’s opponents who is endorsed by the pro-abortion group The National Organization for Women (NOW).

Beverly Hires US Congress District 18 Candidates

Beverly Hires

As recently as May, candidates in Florida’s 18th Congressional District didn’t want to talk about life. After Personhood FL ProLife PAC endorsed three of the six candidates in the Republican primary, even the liberal candidates are trying to appear to be prolife. One candidate, Carl Domino, received praise from Planned Parenthood while serving in the FL House, yet is running ads claiming to be prolife and calling out another candidate, Alan Schlesinger, who is clearly pro-abortion. Personhood FL ProLife PAC endorsed candidate Beverly Hires has taken Domino to task for falsely claiming to be prolife and has presented evidence in his voting record to back up her claims. Florida Family Policy Counsel’s John Stemberger1 is quoted as calling Domino one of the most pro-abortion Republican in the FL House.

In these areas of the state and others voters and citizens are once again grappling with the issue of abortion and the sanctity of human life, and as this last example shows, even liberal or moderate candidates are seeing the value of being or at least appearing to be prolife.

With your help, we are making a difference. Please help us spread the word by sharing our list of endorsed candidates and by donating to help us get the word out to voters across the state.

1Title and affiliation for identification purposes only.

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Bryan Longworth

Bryan Longworth

Pastor Bryan Longworth is the number one ranked prolifer and Tea Party Advocate on Twitter (@BryanLongworth) with over 235,000 followers, serves as the director of Personhood FL, a prolife organization working to pass the Florida ProLife Personhood Amendment that will end abortion and protect all innocent human life in FL, as the associate pastor at Covenant Tabernacle in Port St. Lucie, FL, and as the director of SOHL, Sanctity of Human Life of the Treasure Coast. Longworth is a Wall Builders Black Robe Regiment Pastor and a Family Research Council (FRC) Watchmen on the Wall Pastor. Longworth has participated in the Alliance Defense Fund's (ADF) Pulpit Freedom Sunday since 2010. Longworth continues to be involved in the pro-life movement and in calling the church and our nation to repentance. The church and America needs revival and reformation like never before. The blood of over 55 million children cries from the ground for vengeance, and God will avenge! God send us a true move of God lest we perish in our iniquity!

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