Oct 19

Bryan Longworth

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Personhood FL ProLife PAC Endorses Over 40 ProLife General Election Candidates for Federal, State, & Local Offices and Its Position on FL Constitutional Amendments

Congressman Tom Rooney

Congressman Tom Rooney

Personhood FL ProLife PAC today announces it’s general election endorsement of over 40 candidates for federal, state, and local offices across Florida and its position on two of the proposed Florida constitutional amendments. Endorsed candidates include current Congressman Tom Rooney; current Florida Representative and candidate for Florida Senate, Kelli Stargel, and current Marion County Commissioner Stanley McClain. Personhood FL ProLife PAC endorsed Republicans, Democrats, and NPA and third party candidates for every office from US Senator to Soil and Water Conservation and every position in-between.

All endorsed candidates signed a Personhood Affirmation indicating their agreement to Personhood FL ProLife PAC’s comprehensive prolife principles covering not only abortion but also abortion funding, RU-486, fetal stem cell research, human cloning, fetal tissue research, and assisted suicide and euthanasia. Candidates also affirmed that all humans should have personhood status under the Florida and US Constitutions from the beginning of the biological development of that human being to natural death. Moreover, candidates agreed to defend all innocent human life including preborn babies, the elderly, and the disabled. (Read Personhood FL ProLife PAC’s ProLife Principles and Personhood Affirmation here.)

Florida Representative and Senate Candidates Kelli Stargel

Representative Kelli Stargel

Personhood FL Director* Bryan Longworth praised the endorsements and encouraged prolife voters to support prolife candidates, “Personhood FL ProLife PAC has today endorsed candidates who have committed to protect all innocent human life. It’s no longer sufficient to be against abortion in certain circumstances. Being prolife in the 21st Century demands that we defend human life from beginning to end. These candidates have committed to protect human life from experimentation in laboratories and our seniors and the disabled when their lives are seen as expendable. For the first time in Florida’s history, voters will have the opportunity to support candidates who are 100% prolife, without exception. I encourage prolife Floridians to support prolife candidates with their votes, time, and money.”

2012 Proposed Florida Constitutional Amendments

Proposed Constitutional AmendmentRecommendations
Amendment 1Vote Yes
Amendment 6Vote No

The following candidates have signed the Personhood FL ProLife PAC Personhood Affirmation demonstrating their commitment to be prolife in the 21st Century.

2012 US Senate ProLife General Election Candidates

United States SenatorNPABill Gaylor


2012 US House ProLife General Election Candidates

United States Representative5REPLeAnne Kolb
United States Representative8NPARichard H. Gillmor
United States Representative9REPTodd Long
United States Representative17REPTom Rooney
United States Representative19REPTrey Radel
United States Representative20NPARandall Terry
United States Representative27NPAThomas Joe Cruz-Wiggins


2012 FL Senate ProLife General Election Candidates

State Senator15REPKelli Stargel
State Senator21REPDenise Grimsley
State Senator25REPMelanie Peterson
State Senator31REPChristopher Chris Smithmyer


2012 FL House ProLife General Election Candidates

State Representative5REPMarti Coley
State Representative40REPSeth McKeel
State Representative45WRIHeinie Heinzelman
State Representative53REPJohn Tobia
State Representative57REPJake Raburn
State Representative66REPLarry Ahern
State Representative68REPFrank Farkas
State Representative73NPABob (Doc) McCann


2012 FL District ProLife General Election Candidates

State Attorney3REPJeff Siegmeister
Public Defender18REPBlaise Trettis


2012 Citrus County ProLife General Election Candidates

Winn WebbSheriffREP


2012 Clay County ProLife General Election Candidates

Rocky MorrisMiddle Village CDD Seat 4NPA
Johnna Mc KinnonSchool Board District 4NPA


2012 Duval County ProLife General Election Candidates

Averrell Maynard ThompsonClerk of the Circuit CourtNP
Alexander PantinakisSoil & Water Conservation District, Grp. 1NP


2012 Gilchrist County ProLife General Election Candidates

Todd GrayCounty Commissioner Dist 3REP
Robert C. Roux, Jr.SheriffREP


2012 Lake County ProLife General Election Candidates

Carey BakerProperty AppraiserREP


2012 Lee County ProLife General Election Candidates

Frank Antos JrLee Mem Health System Board Dist. 1NP


2012 Marion County ProLife General Election Candidates

David R MooreCounty Commission District 1REP
Stanley McClainCounty Commission District 3REP
Earl R ArnettCounty Commission District 5REP


2012 Palm Beach County ProLife General Election Candidates

Tom ThayerGreater Boca Raton Beach & Park District Seat 5NPA


2012 Pasco County ProLife General Election Candidates

Roberta Lynn CuttingClerk of Circuit Court & County ComptrollerNP
Paula S. O'NeilClerk of Circuit Court & County ComptrollerREP


2012 St Lucie County ProLife General Election Candidates

Bobby L HopkinsCounty Commissioner, District 5REP
Kim JohnsonCounty Commissioner, District 5DEM
Michelle Lee BergerPort St Lucie City Council, District 2NPA
Bill HardmanSt Lucie County Clerk of CourtREP


* Title and affiliation for identification purposes only.

About the author

Bryan Longworth

Bryan Longworth

Pastor Bryan Longworth is the number one ranked prolifer and Tea Party Advocate on Twitter (@BryanLongworth) with over 235,000 followers, serves as the director of Personhood FL, a prolife organization working to pass the Florida ProLife Personhood Amendment that will end abortion and protect all innocent human life in FL, as the associate pastor at Covenant Tabernacle in Port St. Lucie, FL, and as the director of SOHL, Sanctity of Human Life of the Treasure Coast. Longworth is a Wall Builders Black Robe Regiment Pastor and a Family Research Council (FRC) Watchmen on the Wall Pastor. Longworth has participated in the Alliance Defense Fund's (ADF) Pulpit Freedom Sunday since 2010. Longworth continues to be involved in the pro-life movement and in calling the church and our nation to repentance. The church and America needs revival and reformation like never before. The blood of over 55 million children cries from the ground for vengeance, and God will avenge! God send us a true move of God lest we perish in our iniquity!

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